Madurai Productivity Council has 5 decades of experience in developing the best practices and standards in the area performance improvement including productivity enhancement. This is done with a view to help member organizations to face the ever increasing competition and cost effectiveness through.

Awareness Generation

Propagating productivity, quality and winning competitiveness through seminars , workshop, publication and other suitable methods.

Consultancy Generation

Improving productivity for competitiveness through consultancy work to private and public corporate sectors, SMEs and other client groups.

In plant Training Programmes

Our Council is conducting training programmers, tailor made to particular industry/organization. This is very effective since particular problems faced by the concern are considered. In plant programmers are conducted to various levels of participants as per the requirements of the industry ie from lower level operatives, middle level executives and top level management.

Interplant Training Programmes

Madurai Productivity Council is regularly organizing intercompany Training Programmers for all levels of management ie from Top management level to lower level operatives on diverse areas. Some of the areas covered are management concepts, Technical areas, Behaviors areas, attitude, productivity etc ..
Inplant and interplant training programmers are conducted by selected experts in the field .