About us

Madurai productivity council is a nonprofit autonomous regional level tripartite organization with representations from employers, employee organizations, government, Technical and Professional institutions in the Governing Council. It's established in the year 1959 as Registered Society under Societies Act No.XXI of 1860.

The Governing Council is an elected body for which the election is held once in 2years.

Madurai Productivity Council has crossed 50 years of service to the Nation.

Objectives of MPC

  • 1. To promote productivity awareness and culture among its stakeholders and general public.
  • 2. To help to increase productivity consciousness by disseminating productivity techniques.
  • 3. To encourage implementation of new techniques for increasing productivity to reduce operational cost.
  • 4. To promote Employer-Employee relationship in organizations.
  • 5. To conduct productivity research and survey.

National and International networking

Madurai Productivity Council is affiliated to National Productivity Council and carry out their activities like celebration of productivity week during February of every year.

National Productivity Council being a model agency to organize participation in various programmes offered by Asian Productivity organization is recommending eligible persons from this region as proposed by Madurai Productivity Council. MPC is getting the expertise from National Productivity Council on various matters.